Sheryl mebane aka nora night

Sheryl Mebane aka Nora Night! I still cannot believe we actually got to have a conversation with her and now I'm humbled and blessed to call her a friend. This talented individual has lived many lives and isn't stopping anytime soon! 

MORE. Listing all the Links! Music, Readings, Voice Overs, Books! 



NinjaKitten89 is a Variety Streamer but you will almost always find her on Warframe! I would imagine she will make partner in no time! She's a cool REAL gamer with lots of love in her channel.




Fromthe70s is a Twitch Streamer and Warframe Partner. He has been streaming for X years now and loves to have a great time online. He is a variety streamer and you can check out his channel here. 

You can catch him on the Podcast on Episode X and also Clem's Corner X

More to come...


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